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The Press Association of Jamaica is expressing regret at the death of David Ebanks, one of the well-known names in Jamaican journalism and a former President of the Association.

David began his career at Radio Jamaica in the 1950s, and for years his instantly recognizable voice was associated with news on that station.

He worked as a Parliamentary reporter at RJR, and was one of the hosts of the Sunday afternoon current affairs discussion programme Exposure, at a time when such programmes were rare and therefore of singular importance in informing Jamaicans of the important news events of the day.

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The Press Association of Jamaica is announcing that the deadlines for entries to the 2015 National Journalism Awards are being brought forward by one month.

The publication period for work eligible for entry for the 2015 Awards, will be October 1, 2014 – August 31, 2015, one month earlier than usual. Entries may then be submitted from September 1-September 30, 2015.

“Traditionally, the publication period ends at the end of September, and entries come in at the end of October. This leaves approximately one month for the packaging of the entries and delivery to the judges, judging, and preparation of trophies. This really puts a lot of pressure on both the Secretariat and the judges, which we want to lessen,” says PAJ President Dionne Jackson Miller.

Work that is published in September 2015 will instead be eligible for the 2016 Awards.

In addition, this year, a late entry fee of $500.00 will apply.

“We always have a last-minute scramble, and often end up extending the deadline by a day or two to try to accommodate as many people as possible. While we want to continue to encourage entries, we are also asking people to realise that late entries create additional inconveniences, and we want to urge them to submit on time,” she explained.


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PAJ – Award guidelines 2014

Guidelines for the 2014 PAJ Awards



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