JPI Concept


The Jamaica Press Institute (JPI) has been established as the training and research arm of the parent body, the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ)–the professional body for journalists and other categories of media workers involved in the gathering, processing and dissemination of news and information.

Mission of JPI

The mission of the JPI is to provide continuing education by designing and delivering job-related and task-specific training programmes based on needs assessment in the media and communications industry. In the area of research, the JPI will perform the role of a media and public affairs think tank. The JPI is not intended to replicate or replace the function of tertiary institutions that already offer diploma and degree programmes in media and journalism.

Governance Structure

A seven-member advisory board will have oversight responsibility for the JPI. The board will be appointed by the PAJ executive to serve for a 12-month period. The PAJ executive will name four persons –one of whom will be the chairperson – to the advisory board. The Media Association of Jamaica, the Public Relations Society of Jamaica, and the Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica will be invited to each name a nominee.


Training: JPI is committed to providing a range of training products that are largely customised to meet the needs of media organizations and employees. JPI training programmes are firm-specific and task related. They are developed after conducting comprehensive training need assessment at the job level, followed by the development of a curriculum based on the performance gap identified. JPI workshops can be delivered at the client’s workplace, or off site at the JPI/PAJ offices or at an external facility. Web-based training will also be facilitated

Research: JPI will host topic briefings periodically by topic specialists who will research subjects relating to different aspects of the media industry and of national life and make presentations to an invited audience of media practitioners. This would promote more evidence-based reporting. Possible topics for research and presentation include:

-Media Management and the Internet Age

-Global Media Trends


-Content and Media Management

-Intellectual Property

-Next Generation Media Networks

-The Future of Music Sales

-Media and Sport

-Challenges in Health Communication

-Global Media Convergence

-Mobile Telephony and the Future of Voice

-Media Regulation

Current Affairs Database: JPI will establish a database on current affairs issues and profiles of public figures

Public Education: JPI will host public fora to promote press freedom and good governance.

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