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Sep 24

2015 National Journalism Awards Entry Form

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National Journalism Awards 2015 Entry Form


Sep 08

National Journalism Awards to Recognise Bloggers

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The Press Association of Jamaica’s National Journalism Awards will this year, for the first time,  recognize the work of bloggers, with one new award, and the opening  up of an existing award.

 The category of “Best Blog” has been created, the Opinion Journalism Award is now being opened up to bloggers, as well as producers of podcasts and vidcasts, and the On-line Journalism Award has been re-branded as “Best News Website.”

“The contribution of bloggers to journalism across the world is undeniable,” says PAJ President Dionne Jackson Miller. “We wanted to open up another avenue to recognize that.”

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Aug 16

PAJ President Responds to Attorney Peter Champagnie

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Dear Sirs:

I note the letter published in your paper from noted attorney Peter Champagnie commenting on the behavior of South West St. Catherine MP Everald Warmington towards the press and noting that “the best that came from the Press Association of Jamaica was a call for Mr Warmington to apologise and promise not to behave like that in the future. “ He asked “Why isn’t the Press Association of Jamaica calling for a media blackout regarding any coverage that this man will seek in his political life in the future, or his immediate resignation?”

I have the greatest respect for Mr. Champagnie and appreciate his attention to, and interest in this matter, but feel compelled to make the following points.

The PAJ, through its Executive, issued a statement strongly condemning Mr. Warmington’s behavior. To go further, and call, for example, for the resignation of a duly elected Member of Parliament is a serious step, and in my view, if it is to be taken, is more properly to be done by the general membership of the Association. The PAJ holds its Annual General Meeting next Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 12 noon, where the issue of any further response on the issue of Mr. Warmington will be discussed by the general membership in its collective wisdom.

Mr. Champagnie, and others have also raised the issue of a media black-out.

While this will, no doubt, also be discussed by the membership, I want to point out the dangers of any such approach. One of the mandates of the PAJ is to advocate for freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is not an expressly stated constitutional right in Jamaica, and we rely on the right to freedom of expression. One of the reasons freedom of expression can be such a controversial one to defend is precisely that it covers the obnoxious as well as the admirable.  To advocate for the restriction of media coverage of any individual, much less a Member of Parliament, in my view, would run contrary to the spirit of the mandate of the PAJ.  

In addition, one must be very cautious before beginning to decide who the press will and will not cover because we disapprove of their behavior. Where would we draw the line? In addition, Mr. Warmingon remains a member of the country’s Parliament, where he represents the citizens who live in South West St. Catherine. To make a blanket decision, across the media, to decide to refuse to cover his interventions in Parliament or elsewhere could arguably be described as an abuse of the awesome power of the press, and a grave disservice to the people of Jamaica and those of SW St. Catherine.

In my view, this would be a dangerous road that the PAJ should not tread.


Dionne Jackson Miller

President, Press Association of Jamaica  


Aug 10


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The Press Association of Jamaica is condemning in the strongest possible terms, the behaviour of Member of Parliament for South West St. Catherine Everald Warmington towards a Gleaner intern and other reporters at the JLP’s headquarters at Belmont Road yesterday.

While taking note that Mr. Warmington has apologized, we believe that his apology has much less impact that it otherwise would, given that this is but the latest in a series of incidents in which Mr. Warmington has acted in this boorish, vulgar, and loutish way towards members of the media. We have heard his apologies before. Read more


Aug 10

PAJ Notes RJR/Gleaner Deal, Urges Respect for Press Freedom

The Press Association of Jamaica has taken note of the announcement by the RJR Group and the Gleaner Company of a merger of their media operations.

While not commenting on the business aspects of the operations, the PAJ feels it necessary to stress that this partnership will result in a combination of Jamaica’s two largest media houses, and will therefore have profound implications for the media landscape. Read more


Jul 07



The Press Association of Jamaica is expressing regret at the death of David Ebanks, one of the well-known names in Jamaican journalism and a former President of the Association.

David began his career at Radio Jamaica in the 1950s, and for years his instantly recognizable voice was associated with news on that station.

He worked as a Parliamentary reporter at RJR, and was one of the hosts of the Sunday afternoon current affairs discussion programme Exposure, at a time when such programmes were rare and therefore of singular importance in informing Jamaicans of the important news events of the day.

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May 22

Terms of Reference Journalist fellowship Jamaica


Terms of Reference Journalist fellowship Jamaica

Panos Caribbean is a regional information organisation established in 1986. Panos believes that information, which is independent, accurate and timely is a key resource for development. Information needs to be locally generated in order to enable countries and communities to shape and communicate their own development agendas through informed public debate.

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Dec 07

The Press must fight on

The following is the presentation by immediate Past General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland) to Press Association of Jamaica and National Integrity Action forum at Knutsford Court, St Andrew during National Journalism Week 2012.

Charles Atangana, a leading Cameroonian journalist was arrested, stripped naked, beaten up and detained for 40 days. His crime? Investigating corruption at a government -backed oil company. He was locked in a flooded cell and tortured to try to force him to reveal his sources. He refused.

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Dec 02

Apply to attend environmental workshop in Belize

The UNCCD secretariat is organizing a three-day regional media workshop for journalists in the Latin American region on 30 January – 1 February 2013 in Sobral, Ceará State, Brazil, during the First Scientific Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Initiative on Science and Technology (ILACCT). The Media Workshop takes place back-to-back with the UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference and the 3rd Special Session of the UNCCD Committee on Science and Technology (CST-S3), which will take place on 4-7 February 2013 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

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Nov 21

International journalist for PAJ awards

Outstanding British journalist and union leader Jeremy Dear is to be the guest speaker at the 2012 Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) Awards which will be held on Friday December 7 at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.

He will also be the main speaker at the annual National Journalism Week Forum being put on by the PAJ and the National Integrity Action. The Forum will be staged on Tuesday December 4 at the Knutsford Court Hotel also in New Kingston.

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